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Molecular, Cellular and Integrate Neurosciences

Seminar Series: Academic Year 2015-2016

Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be on Tuesday's at 11am in Anatomy/Zoology Bldg. W1

Date Speaker Seminar Title
9/1 NB793 - Organizational Meeting (W1 A/Z - 2:00pm)
9/8 Dr. Michael J. Gutnick, Professor; Dept. of Neurobiology; Koret School of Veterinary Medicine; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; P.O. Box 12; Rehovot 76100, Israel. Office 972-8-9489875; Cell 054-8820152; FAX 972-8-9489876. (Rash) Axonal and Somatic Sodium Channels in the Neocortex: Same Molecule – Different Properties
9/15 Dr. Diego Restrepo, Professor; Dept. of Cell and Developmental Biology; University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus; Mail Stop 8108; 12801 E. 17th Avenue; Aurora, CO 80045. (303) 724-3405; FAX (303) 724-3420. (Leslie Stone-Roy) Cholinergic Modulation of Sensory Signal Processing in the Awake Animal: Optotetrodes and Beyond
9/22 Dr. Malcolm J. Low, Professor; Dept. of Molecular & Integrative Physiology; Professor, Internal Medicine; University of Michigan Medical School; 6116 Brehm Tower; Ann Arbor, MI 48109. (734) 647-1350; Lab (734) 615-4968; FAX (734) 936-8813. (Hentges) Hypothalamic Proopiomelanocortin (POMC) Neurons Are Essential For Control Of Energy Balance And Glucose Homeostasis
9/29 Dr. Katrin Andreasson, Professor; Dept. of Neurology; Stanford University Medical Center; 291 Campus Drive, Li Ka Shing Building; Stanford, CA 94305. Alternate Contact: Jackie Bautista, Administrative Associate; (650) 498-5855 [Christopher Mckee (Bamburg)] Reprogramming Brain Microglia in Alzheimer’s Disease
Date Speaker Seminar Title
10/6 Dr. Sean CL Deoni, Associate Professor; Dept. of Radiology; University of Colorado Denver ; Anschutz Medical Campus; 2 Leprino Office Bldg.; 12401 East 17th Ave.; Aurora, CO 80045. UC Telephone: (303) 556-2400. (Rojas) Imaging Early Brain and Behavioral Development
10/13 Dr. Geoffrey S. Pitt, Professor; Duke University Medical Center; (office address) 40 Duke Medicine Circle; Durham, NC 27710. (919) 684-8111; (919) 668-7461. (Tamkun) Ion Channel Modulation and Neuronal (dys)Function
10/17-10/21 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois
10/27 Dr. Diane K. O’Dowd; Professor; Dept. of Developmental & Cell Biology; University of California Irvine; 4221 McGaugh Hall; Irvine, CA 92697-2300; (949) 824-4562; LAB (949) 824-8141; FAX (949) 824-1105. (Reist) Modeling SCN1A-Related Seizure Disorders with Drosophila Knock-Ins and Human iPSC-Derived Neurons
Date Speaker Seminar Title
11/3 Dr. Sulayman Dib-Hajj; Senior Research Scientist, Department of Neurology; Yale School of Medicine; PO Box 208018; New Haven, CT 06520-8018. (203) 932-5711, X4180. (Elizabeth Akin, Graduate Student) Sodium Channelopathies in Pain Disorders: From Molecule to Man
11/10 Dr. Gautam Awatramani, Assistant Professor; Dept. of Biology; University of Victoria; P.O. Box 1700 STN CSC; Victoria BC, V8W 2Y2, Canada. (250) 472-5178; LAB 250-472-5590. (Ryan Tooker, Postdoc) To Inhibit or Excite? The Role of Mixed GABA and ACh in High-Fidelity Direction Coding
11/17 Dr. Agnieszka Burzynska; Assistant Professor; Colorado State University; Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies; Behavioral Sciences Bldg. 405; (970) 491-4138; Fort Collins, CO 80523-1570;; Healthy Brain in Healthy Body: Linking Fitness and Physical Activity to Adult (human) Brain Health by Combining Structural and Functional MRI Methods
11/23-11/27 NO SEMINAR - Fall Break
Date Speaker Seminar Title
This seminar will be held in Room 357 of the Behavioral Sciences Building
Theresa M. Vaughan, Research Scientist; Wadsworth Center - New York State Department of Health; C606 Empire State Plaza; Albany, NY 12201. (518) 486-4911; FAX (518) 486-4910. (Anderson) The Wadsworth Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Home System
12/9 WED. - 10:30am-6:30pm - Front Range Neuroscience Group Meeting - Hilton Fort Collins - SEMINAR - 4:30pm-5:30
Dr. Philip G Haydon; Annetta and Gustav Grisard Professor and Chair; Department of Neuroscience; Director, Tufts Neuroscience Institute; Tufts University School of Medicine; 136 Harrison Avenue; Boston, MA 02111. (617) 636 2190.
(Ashley Leek, Graduate Student)
The Modulation of Neuronal Circuits in Sleep/Wake States Mediated by Gliotransmitters
12/14-12/18 Finals
12/15 First-Year MCIN Students: E. Marr, M. Metz, A. Miller
15 Minute 1st Rotation Presentations
12/21-12/31 Winter Break
Date Speaker Seminar Title
1/1 - 1/18 NO SEMINAR - Winter Break
1/26 NO SEMINAR - [23-28 49th Winter Conference on Brain Research –Breckenridge, CO]
Date Speaker Seminar Title
2/2 Dr. Lindsay Parrie, Postdoctoral Fellow; Colorado State University; Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology; Fort Collins, CO 80523-1682; Pathology Bldg. 311; 970-491-7343. Lindsay.Parrie@ColoState.EDU (Bessen) Prion Proteins Modulate Adult Neurogenesis
2/9 Dr. Daniel Tollin, Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus; Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics and Dept. of Otolaryngology; Contact Information: Stacy Kotenko; 12800 East 19th Avenue; RC-1 North, Room 7130; Campus Box 8307; Aurora, Colorado 80045; (303) 724-4500; Fax: (303) 724-4501; (Hoke) Encoding and Decoding of Sound Source Location by Neurons in the Auditory Brainstem
2/16 Dr. Kim L. Hoke, Associate Professor, Colorado State University; Dept. of Biology; A/Z E206; Fort Collins, CO 80523-1878; Anatomy-Zoology Building E206; 970-492-4200; (Reist) Causes and Consequences of Ear Loss in Toads
2/23 First-Year MCIN Students: E. Marr, A. Miller, M. Metz
15 Minute 2nd Rotation Presentations
Date Speaker Seminar Title
3/1 NO SEMINAR - [February 27-March 2, 2016 – 60th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA]
3/8 Dr. Linda A. Barlow; Professor; University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus; Dept. of Cell and Developmental Biology; 12801 East 17th Ave., Mail Stop 8108; Aurora, CO 80045; (303) 724-3438; FAX (303) 724-3420; (Reist) Maintaining a Sense of Taste: Molecular Regulation of Taste Bud Cell Renewal
3/15 NO SEMINAR - Spring Recess (March 14-18, 2016)
3/22 Dr. Leonardo Belluscio, Senior Investigator, NINDS; Building 35 Room 3A-116; 35 Convent Drive MSC3703; Bethesda MD 20892-370; (301) 496-4898; Lab: (301) 435-4643; FAX (301) 435-4959; (Parrie) The Dynamic Stability of Olfactory Bulb Circuitry
3/29 Dr. R. Mckell Carter, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder; Dept. of Psychology and Neuroscience; Center for Neuroscience; Institute of Cognitive Science; Muenzinger E235; Boulder, CO 80309-0345; 303-735-6651; mckell.carter@Colorado.EDU (Seger) Neural Studies of Social Function and Dysfunction in Game Play
Date Speaker Seminar Title
4/5 Dr. Robert J. Handa, Professor, Colorado State University; Dept. of Biomedical Sciences; Fort Collins, CO 80523-1617; Anatomy/Zoology Bldg. W330; 970-491-5388; (Reist) Estrogen Receptors In The Brain: From Sex Differences To Stress Reponses
4/12 Frontier’s in Biomedical Sciences Speaker - Dr. Martin L. Chalfie, William R Kenan Jr. Professor; Columbia University; Dept. of Biological Sciences; 1018 Fairchild Center; M.C. 2446; New York, NY 10027; (212) 854-8870; LAB (212) 854-3086; FAX (212) 865-8246; (Vallejos) Determining Neuronal Cell Fate in C. elegans
4/19 Dr. Mark Dell’Acqua , Professor and Vice Chairman; University of Colorado Denver; Dept. of Pharmacology; Mail Stop 8303, RC1-North; 12800 East 19th Ave.; Aurora, CO 80045. (303) 724-3616; FAX (303) 724-3663; (Amberg) Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity by Anchored Kinase and Phosphatase Signaling
4/26 Dr. Carol A. Seger, Professor; Colorado State University; Dept. of Psychology; 240 BSB Bldg.; Fort Collins, CO 80523-1876; (970) 491-3540; (Reist) How Does The Brain Generalize? Insights From fMRI Studies Of Human Learning
Date Speaker Seminar Title
5/3 First-Year MCIN Students: E. Marr, A. Miller, M. Metz
15 Minute 3rd Rotation Presentations
5/9 - 5/13 Finals