Colorado State University


Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences

MCIN Participating Faculty

Biomedical Sciences

Gregory C. Amberg

Shane T. Hentges

Fred Hoerndli

Seonil Kim

Brent Myers

John E. Rash

Noreen E. Reist

Michael M. Tamkun

Susan Tsunoda

Jozsef Vigh

Robert J. Handa

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

James R. Bamburg


Gregory L. Florant

Deborah N. Garrity

Kim L. Hoke

Donald L. Mykles

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Ashok Prasad

Computer Science

Charles W. Anderson

Bruce A. Draper

Health and Exercise Science

Brett Fling

Neha Lodha

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Agnieszka (Aga) Burzynska

Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

Ronald B. Tjalkens

Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology

Glenn C. Telling

Mark D. Zabel

Occupational Therapy

Jaclyn Stephens

Patricia L. Davies


Anne M. Cleary

Bradly T. Conner

Donald C. Rojas

Carol A. Seger

Vicki J. Volbrecht

Instructional Faculty

L. Ray Whalen

Phillip L. Quirk

Special Appointment Faculty

Barbara W. Bernstein

Leslie M. Stone-Roy

Inactive Faculty

Asa Ben-Hur

Chaoping Chen

Colin Clay

James E. Madl

Janice L. Nerger

John P. Walrond